Session Schedule

8:00 AM MDT
Keynote Speaker
James  Lawrence "The Iron Cowboy"
Elevate Your Game By Redefining Impossible

Our keynote speaker specializes in achieving the impossible with grit, determination, and strength.

What he’ll share with you will change your definition of impossible—forever!

When James Lawrence announced his goal to complete 50 Iron Man races in 50 consecutive days in all 50 states, the only person who believed he could pull it off was James himself.

An Iron Man distance consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run. One is considered a lifetime achievement, but James planned to do 50 back to back.

With the support of his wife Sunny and their five children in tow, and with grassroots support in each city built through word of mouth and social media, James began his challenge.

During his keynote presentation, Lawrence will share with you the ups, the downs, and the life lessons learned along his mental and physical journey toward redefining the limits of what is humanly possible.

Learn how to “Redefine Impossible” with James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, at eLBX Online.

Misty Harding
Senior Learning Consultant
9:00 AM MDT
How You Can Push for Quality Learning by Becoming a Learning Business Partner
Katie Stewart
eLearning Developer
Jonica Rich
eLearning Developer
10:00 AM MDT
Mobile Microlearning and Cognitive Load
John Holland
Customer Solutions Specialist
11:00 AM MDT
Building for Accessibility, Tips, Tools, and Traps
Bill Milstid
Sr. Developer/Designer
12:00 PM MDT
Advanced Development for eLearning Pros
Andrew Townsend
Campaign Marketing Manager
9:00 AM MDT
Hit the Ground Running with Virtual Reality eLearning
John Blackmon
10:00 AM MDT
Hardware for VR - Easier Than You Think
Stephen Baer
Co-Founder - The Game Agency / The Training Arcade®
11:00 AM MDT
Boost Collaboration, Community And Connection In a Remote Work Environment
Ryan Swigert
Senior Solutions Consultant
12:00 PM MDT
The Complete Set List for eLearning Brothers Rockstars
Bill Milstid
Sr. Developer/Designer
9:00 AM MDT
How Templates and Assets Can Legitimately Save You Time
Rich Vass
VP, Customer Success
10:00 AM MDT
Quickly Create Highly-stylized Sketch Graphics Using Simple Tablet Tools
Misty Harding
Senior Learning Consultant
11:00 AM MDT
How to Successfully Select and Partner with eLearning Vendors
Todd Cummings
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
12:00 PM MDT
eLearning Brothers Hall of Fame: The Power of Custom Learning
Andrew Scivally
Co-Founder and CEO,
eLearning Brothers
8:30 AM MDT
Closing Thoughts
What’s happening in L&D, where we see the industry going, and the future of eLearning Brothers.
Sam Rogers
Global Learning Technology & Analytics Manager, ConvaTec
9:00 AM MDT
eLearning Under the Hood
Jon Tota
Lead Designer, KnowledgeLink
10:00 AM MDT
Make Learning an Experience with KnowledgeLink
Jordan Morrow
Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik | Head of the Advisory Board, Data Literacy
11:00 AM MDT
Empowering Cultural Evolution through eLearning Pathways
Chris Willis
Director of Product Content
12:00 PM MDT
Accessible and Inclusive: Designing eLearning for Everyone